As a young boy, shy, bookish Rockford was the black sheep—er, black chipmunk, so to speak—of his large, rambunctious chipmunk family. Timid of danger and germs but fiercely desperate to grow up to “change the forest” like his literary idol and namesake, swashbuckling hero James T. Rockford, young Rockford sets off on an epic adventure to finally find his place in the world. Years later, an older Rockford attempts to connect with his grandson Theo by sharing the wild chain of events that brought him to the wealth and success that he has today.  

The moment Rockford’s adventure begins, he is is quickly launched into a journey that takes him to places he couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams—from the fast-paced kitchen of a city restaurant to the mysterious mountain sanctuary of warrior monks waiting for a legendary chipmunk to fulfill their prophecy, to a seedy swampland run by a gang of termites. Along the way, Rockford also meets a colorful assortment of characters—including Chuck, a smooth-talking hawk pilot; Jewel, a beautiful heiress with a heart of gold; and Braxton, a villainous chipmunk from Rockford’s past who is intent on stealing every scrap of his success. Throughout this journey, Rockford learns the true value of never giving up, following your dreams in the face of adversity, and finding your place in a world that doesn’t understand your passions.

“The Adventures of Rockford T. Honeypot”

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