1. Pick your favorite soap base-any will work. You can easily find soap making materials at your favorite craft store. You can also use plain, unscented soap in place of soap base-just make sure you don’t use soaps that float because they’re pumped with air in the manufacturing process and will not melt. Cut the soap base into small chunks.

2. Melt the soap in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl. Stir at least once every minute until it’s fully melted.

3. Add lavender oil to your melted soap base. How much oil you add will be up to your personal preferences.
4. Add soap colorant to your melted soap base. (You can use food coloring in place of soap colorant.) Stir and add color until you get the desired shade.
5. Pour your soap into a soap mold. You can use a soap mold from the craft store or you can use a plastic or silicone mold that you already have for baking or candy-making.

6.Spray your soap with rubbing alcohol to remove the bubbles that rise to the top.
7.Once the soap has cooled it’s ready to use!


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